Google Hangout Tips and Tricks You Must Know

Hangouts is Google main messaging program for Android, iOS and Web. Hangout can now sync with your email and manage your SMS message.

So lets take a look at our best tips and tricks you must know about Google Hangouts.

Hide Sensitive Content

If you are using Android Lollipop on your device then hold of your phone might see snippets of new conservation on the lock screen. To stop this thing go to settings > tap Sound & Notifications > App Notifications > choose Hangouts then switch sensitive.

Sync Hangouts With Your E-Mail

You can view Hangouts message in Gmail if you can access your Gmail inbox from a web browser and click the More button the left hand side you can see a chats option. Click on this to a list of your Hangouts in the format of email.

Snooze Notification

If you want don’t want to be disturbed by Google Hangouts conservations for example you are going out of station , going to sleep etc. So from the main app menu > tap Snooze Notifications and choose do not disturb for how much time you want 1 hour 2 hours or later.

Google Hangout Widget

The coolest thing is the google is providing Hangout widget you can check message without opening app you simply add widget to your homescreen. To add Hangout widget to your homescreen tap and hold on a black area of the homescreen > choose widgets > tap on hangout and adjust its size what you want.

Change Contact Settings

If you want to change your contact settings like can contact you directly, can send you an invitation, can’t contact you so if you want to change Go to settings > tap your email address > choose ‘Customize invites’ and then choose what you want.

What’s your favorite Hangout tips and tricks? Let us in comments or if you have any suggestion on next tips & tricks article also post in comments.

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  1. What does it mean on Hang Out screen: it says , “——new message————-“ but randomly. It’s seems suspicious? It only shows up now and again when txting with someone on H.O. Thanks


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