Gionee F103 Review

Gionee F103 Full Smartphone Review

Gionee..!! the 10th largest Smartphone manufacturer Globally and also company which holds title “slimmer the better“,, has released one of their latest budget offering Gionee f103, Which seems to be an odd move as there is Superb competition in this price segment… But still the question here rises is not that it was a good move from the company or not, but rather is it worth spending the price that the company is asking for.. Well let’s find out.! As this is our full written Review of the Gionee f103..!

Just as a Disclaimer the variant that we are reviewing has been upgraded to Android 6.0 marshmallow with Amigo 3.2 on top but we will be looking at the device as of it was out of the box..!

Build and Design

Soo As always let’s Start with build
On the right we have the power lock & unlock key and volume rocker both are quite clicky but they are not that steardy,
On the top we have the 3.5mm headphone jack, On the bottom We have the micro USB port which does support OTG
And on the left it’s clean.. And wait…. You might be wondering that where are we gonna put the Sim & SD cards if there aren’t any Slots for that.. Then here is the answer for that, As the Smartphone despite having a Gorgeous look..! has the benefit of Repalcable back and with that we have a look at the 2500 mah battery, Dual Sim slot’s and an a separate SD card slot, So again no Hybrid business over there..


Coming on to the front, we have a 5″HD display with 294 PPI,, and the display is something that I was let down by a lot,
No! don’t get me wrong 294 PPI is decent number and iam not that huge pixel peeper either but still from a distance that we normally operate our Smartphone’s I was able to spot the pixels So thats a bummer for me and the viewing angles are nothing to scream about either, it is the case with all the IPS LCD displays and it’s decent, but where I was let down is that there is
No protection on top,, I would have not minded if it were as the same price of the Coolpad note 3 lite, but for the price that the company is asking for that’s not fair..and enough about display now!


Lets talk performance..!
The f103 runs on a mediatek Mt 6735p quad core SoC running on a clock speed of 1.3Ghz , Mali 720 mp2 GPU holds the Graphic duties, 3GB RAM and 16GB inbuilt Storage are a bonus..and yes it is the Same combination that we have seen on the coolpad note 3 lite and there are moresimilarities than differences between this and the coolpad note 3 lite, and taking the similarities out of our brains the Gionee f103 is a fast device, apps open up fast animations are slick and there is little to no lag in the Games that we throw at it and is a fast phone, But that doesn’t mean that the SoC is powerful, instead it is due to the fact that the processor doesn’t need to push many pixels as it is just a 720p panel,, Nonetheless this smartphone can handle most of the heavy Graphic intensive Games with ease and the memory management is quite good too! obviously it is expected with that 3GB RAM onboard..!

Speaker & Headphone playback

Speaker quality on this phone is actually quite loud but as is the Case with any Rear Firing unit the audio feels muffled when placed down but still it holds up quite great and the headphone playback is nothing to run home about either, but it will certainly do the Job done..!


Which brings us to Camera’s
The Gionee f103 sports an 8MP Rear camera with f2.0 aperture and Single LED Flash and the camera interface actually reminds us of a fruity Tech Giant and there are a lot of modes available but what we like is that you can set focus at a different place and exposure at different that’s quite handy but the pictures took with the Smartphone are above average, the Dynamic range is acceptable, Details are Soft, Night shots are nothing to scream about either, but I was actually surprised that it outperforms the coolpad note 3 lite in-terms of camera performance by a margin, despite it having lower megapixel count and this is one among the few cases where it shows that megapixels aren’t everything and the 1080p videoperformance is quite good too the Bit Rate is Smooth there is little color shift when panning, but the contrast levels are a bit soft and where it actually struggles is continuous autofocus while shooting it takes a lot of time to focus apart from that it’s quite good, but the 5MP front camera takes Good selfies, and it is actually better than the rear camera and there is face beauty which makes u look better by removing some marks on the face and it shoots 720p videos aswell,, overall if we need to say something about the camera’s on this Smartphone they are not the Strong points of this Smartphone..,,


And speaking about Strong points let’s talk Software the Gionee f103 runs on Android 5.1 lollipop with Gionee’s so-called Amigo 3.1 on top and this UI is quite similar to any Chinese skins, to be precised it feels a lot like iOS, So there is no app drawer and all the apps sit on the Homescreen and folder making is must if you want to keep your Homescreen Organized, and there is No quick shortcut’s on top So when u swipe from top you will only be able to see your app notifications and if u want your quick toggles, then you need to swipe up from the bottom and again quite similar to iOS, but earlier the smartphone was not that Smooth but after the recent marshmallow update the smartphone feels quite smooth and there are no UI stutters or app crashes and it’s quite stable so bottomline, if u want to buy this Smartphone then as soon as u get it update it.. literally, and yeah there are a lot of Themes built in, So u can change the entire look and feel of the device moreover you have a lot of customization aswell, and speaking about customization there is an app called Chameleon which we personally feel quite cool as u can change the theme of your Smartphone according to your surrounding’s and that’s quite nice, and we are not done Yet! As there is this Smart thing on the lockscreen that when ever ulock and unlock ur Smartphone you will be Greeted with a random picture, So that makes u feel new everytime..and enough folks we think we have spent a lot of time talking about Software ..,!


So, that finally brings us to battery life and the Smartphone comes with a 2500mah user replaceable battery and you might be anticipating that it is quite Small, So battery life will be poor, but due to fact that the Smartphone has just a 720p panel and power efficient processor the battery life is quite Good and I constantly got over 4½ hours of Screen On Time (SOT) with moderate to heavy usage and it certainly kept me away from the charger till my Dinner, but we will still say your mileage may vary.,


Over all it is just a Good Smartphone, it doesn’t have features like a Fingerprint Scanner or Metal Design which has become a norm in this price segment but it is a smartphone for those who want a Smartphone that’s exquisite and Slim, but Still the what we are worrying about is its Price, for the launch price of 10999/-INR it directly competes with LeEco Le 1s, So it has a lot of Competition and we at
GeekTechInfo would suggest you to go for the cheaper coolpad note 3lite for just 6999/-INR and save ur penny or even Go for the Meizu m3notewhich will still save you 1k and will make a lot of Sense..!

But still, if u are a fan of Gionee’s Design and are willing to buy one, then the Best buy links will be mentioned below..!

And if you are still not convinced by the Smartphone and want to take a close look at the device then do checkout our full indepth Video review of the device, links for the Same are mentioned below..!

So, what do you feel about the Gionee’s decision of Releasing the Smartphone at that price point, Do you think that it is a Good buy or you think it should be priced way cheaper Let us know your thoughts in the Comments Section below..!

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