How long has it been you own a FB Page and are working hard on it for day and night but find no Benefit from it, I know when something like this happens you feel really disheartened and don’t feel to work anymore, if such is the case with you and your page as well then not to worry as today we are going to share some Golden Tips by which you can bring loads of traffic to your FB Page using some of the Authentic Tricks as this is How to get Traffic from Facebook.

What is Facebook and its Prelude?

Do we even need to talk about this huh, I hope not but still For those living under the rock here is some brief information on what is Facebook and some of its history so that you can actually know about how Facebook actually works and importance of Facebook.
Facebook is a Social Networking platform wherein people of different place and environment, caste, creed, color, region, age and society come together to share what they do on a daily basis, it is also a place to stay connected with your loved ones or even with the one you hate if you want to how ever it is not recommended.

According to recent reports Facebook`s yearly Traffic is as follows,

  • A whopping 100 Billion Page views
  • A jaw dropping 1.7 Billion Unique visitors
  • A Total 50 Million posts and
  • About uncountable likes and Comments

Tips To Get Real Traffic For Your Blog From Facebook Fan Pages

1. Upload Content on a Regular Basis

No matter how good your posts are it doesn’t make any difference to your Page if you upload it once a week or it will be even bad if you upload once a month, so to maintain good audience base and interaction it is highly recommended to upload on a daily basis and more frequently, which will increase the chances of your audience interacting for your content.

2. Promote your Page

Now that you have started uploading Quality Content that too regularly the initial stage no matter how good your page or your content is you might not reach the level that you have expected so what is highly recommended is to Promote your page in some already Established or Reputed Page which will boost your pages visitors but that’s not to say that you Spam all your followers and also others as it is mainly found to be the wrong way and is something that you should stay away.

3. Optimize your FB Posts

Now that you are uploading quality content regularly and also done the promotion of your page in a couple of Reputable Pages expecting tons of visitors on your page, but after those visitor come to your Page to like and comment on your content suddenly your Page crashed or your Page isn’t optimized for Smartphones, what will happened all your work will mix in the Air as none is ever going to visit to your page if they get a bad impression on their first visit so it is highly recommended to optimize your content which is suitable for all the devices across the board.

4. Know about your Niche Audience (What they Need)

So, Now that you have done all the above recommended methods and are generating good Audience out of your work but just as an experiment you start uploading the content that is not that liked by the audience but you do it for you are paid doing that or just see what comes out then I guess it is probably the biggest regret you will ever have in your life as once the Follower feels that there isn’t the same content as usual then he will straight away stop following you and will never ever come back to your page so it is highly recommended to maintain the flow and Try to inculcate with the audience and maintain the friendly relation between you and the audience and never ever Try to do experiment with your Audience with out you being so confident of what you are about to do.

5. Advertise

Last but which is not the least important thing you should do if you want to see your Page reach peeks is to spend some time and money and Advertise your page and don’t misunderstand us and think That promotion of your Page that we recommended and Advertising that we are now saying to do are same because they are not, so if you want to have a Successful Page then Advertise it on as much as you can but in a ethical way and please as said earlier don’t Spam which never Helps.

Here is the list of all the ways by which you can Get traffic From Facebook Featured above

1. Upload Content on a Regular Basis
2. Promote your Page
3. Optimize your FB Posts
4. Know about your Niche Audience (What they Need)
5. Advertise

There you have it a quick look at the List of all the ethical ways on How to get traffic from Facebook, So did the above info help you in any way to make a better content and attract more audience if not are there any tips that you feel are worth featuring on this list, do Let us know your thoughts in the Comments section below and help us out with some sharing on your Favorite Social Networks.

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