How To Get Massive Traffic From Reddit (2017)

When was the last time you read a post that has a 6 digit views, I guess if you are active on Reddit then it shouldn’t that old of a time, ever wondered how those bloggers or writers attract that many unique visitors to their Sites then not to worry as today we are going to share some Golden Tips by which you can bring tons traffic to your blog/website using Reddit as this is How to get real traffic from Reddit.
What is Reddit and its Prelude?
For those living under the rock we would like to give some brief information on what is Reddit and some of its history so that you can actually know its importance in expanding or growing your Blog/Site,
Reddit is a social platform wherein any unique personality can share any type of News and also Entertainment since early 2005. if you are wondering why did the developers name it as Reddit then the Name Reddit comes from the combo of  ‘Read/Edit‘ which in short stands for ‘Read it‘ and those who write on Reddit proudly call themselves as ‘Redditors‘ which also stands for ‘Reddit and Editors‘. and now that you know about some of the info on how Reddit works lets take at some of the history of Reddit?
According to recent reports Reddit`s yearly Traffic is as follows,
A whopping 40 Billion Page views, jaw dropping 500 Million unique visitors over 4 Billion votes. A Total 35 Million posts and about 300 Million Comments

Tips To Get Real Traffic From Reddit

1. Successful Links Submission
No matter how good your Blogs are and how continuously you upload blogs and submit your links to your Reddit account, you can’t attract traffic until you Submit Successful links and by successful links we mean use NFC Tags, which helps a lot trust us.
2. Do not Spam
Now that you know how to submit unique successful NFC tags all you have to do is just right a boatload of articles and Span everyone with your links Not Really!, as spamming Never Helps as long as you want to stay in the business for the long run, so we would suggest you to be helpful and share and add value to the community, but Please don’t Spam it is highly recommended.
 3. Know about your Niche Audience
So now that you have made a successful Blog and everyone loves to read your blogs suddenly in the middle of your uploads you change your Topic (Categories) just to attract new visitors assuming your old audience will stay along then you have done a big mistake as if it gets serious it might pave the way to your Blog being shut down s your existing audience re more important than attracting  your old audience because it is good to attract New visitors but on he condition of loosing your old audience not Good.
4. Timing is Key
Enjoy your Ice cream when its on your plate the Great sayings never Go wrong as timing is the major part of what ever you do because if the timing goes wrong nothing can make it right but the Timings and make an habit of uploading a couple of links In your Reddit account if not at least one, and let your audience come to know about you uploading the Blogs at a particular time so that your audience shouldn’t be on a hunt to find your Blogs and they will know at what particular time you upload.
There you have it a quick look at the List of How to get real traffic from Reddit, So did the above info help you in any way to make a better content and attract more audience if not are there any tips that you feel are worth featuring on this list, do Let us know your thoughts in the Comments section below and help us out with some sharing on your Favorite Social Networks.

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