10 Best Android Multiplayer Games – 2020

best android multiplayer games

Android gaming has fully conquered today’s market. And with the involvement of co-op and PVP, gaming has gone to the next level. Now instead of playing with bots, you can play with your friends, and since these games are mobile compatible, they don’t require a large setup to play. They also help in spending quality … Read more

Pubg Snow Map- Vikendi(Beta)

Pubg Snow Map- Vikendi(Beta) Vikendi- A chilly terrain with trees. Great for taking your opponent head-on because there’s nowhere to hide. Pubg Snow Map described- The new “Snow Map Vikendi” is 6x6km in size and is a hilly, rocky and craggy island covered in snow. Vikendi is a medium size because Sanhok is 4x4Km in … Read more

5 Best Adventure Games For Android 2020

Best Adventure Games For Android

In this article, we are going to know about 5 Best Adventure Games For Android. On the off chance that you like diversions with stories, amusements where you have to understand – once in a while precarious – errands to move more distant and more remote in their mind-boggling universes, at that point we have … Read more

5 Best Offline Games For Android – Mobile Games Without Internet 2019

5 Best Offline Games For Android

A considerable measure of Android Games relies on a portable information association. Regardless of whether it’s downloading stuff from the server like Clash of Clans, or utilizing it for DRM security like most Final Fantasy recreations, it appears like for all intents and purposes each diversion is requesting that you be inside nearness of a web … Read more

How To Install GTA 5 Car Mods In GTA San Andreas – 2019

Install Gta 5 Car Mods

How To Install GTA 5 Car Mods In PC, There are thousands of mods accessible for Grand Theft Auto 5 and they can be effortlessly introduced with the Mod Installer. Once you’ve downloaded a couple of mod records, you can utilize the Mod Installer to add them to GTA with only a couple of snaps. … Read more

TH7 War Base Layouts (20+ Anti-Everything Bases)

COC TH7 War Base Layouts(Including Puppet’s Playhouse) To all the fellow TH7 players, the utmost danger is demolition of the TH7 War Base with the traditional dragon attack. This by far is the most predictable and used attack in the war to gain all the 3 stars. TH7 War Base limits the potential of the defense … Read more

TH9 War Base Layouts (20+ Anti-Everything Bases)

TH9 War Base

[g-gallery gid=”7255″]TH9 War Base Layouts(including The Dancing Penguin) Increasing trend of the Clash of Clan has created a sense of competition among the players of this game. The craze and lust for winning are what makes the game interesting. So we have collected some of the TH9 War Base layouts for helping fellow Town Hall … Read more