Evolution Of Technology

Evolution Of Technology

Technology is something that will never stop evolving. We all are surrounded by technology which is developing day by day, becoming better and more user friendly. There are many innovations that left the world stunned. As a being on this ever changing world we have seen many technology trends which are a part of our everyday life.
Right from the launch of smart phones to changing the way we watch television shows has a great impact on our lives. Each year comes with great technology that excites us and change our way of living, making our life much easier than we have never thought of. As we talk about the year 2017 there is a great advancement in technology whether it is VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), drones, IoT, 3-D printing, AI, advanced home automation and much more. Here are some of the technologies to look after in 2017:-

IoT- Internet of things.
As we talk about IoT, the first thing that we think about is the appliances and our gadgets connected and synched with the internet. But the real picture is much bigger than we think. This technology also enables our home lighting systems to be connected with Wi-Fi and can be controlled by our smart phones.

AR (Augmented Reality).
In 2016 the game called Pokemon-Go gave us a glimpse of AR. As an evolving technology and application in the field of medical, engineering, education it will play a major role in upcoming time. It is a major breakthrough in the way we learn different things. It enables us to create a virtual environment adapting itself to reality.
Human Augmentation.
With the advancement of exoskeletons and prosthesis it is going to be next technological breakthrough. It can make us more powerful and productive in completing our tasks reducing physical efforts.

Biometric Security.
Year 2016 was loaded with smart phones that came with fingerprint security. Now in this year it expected to have gadgets which are equipped with retina sensor, heart beat sensor, which enables better security to our data.

Next-gen Transportation.
We are eagerly waiting for a fully automated legalized driverless transportation which is under intense testing and development to make it more safe, reliable and human friendly. Companies like Google, Tesla, Ford, Uber and many such companies are trying their best to make it much safer. The latest driverless cars have much better collision avoidance sensors and safety systems to avoid any accident in the absence of human interference.

Artificial Intelligence has developed much faster. Company like Boston Dynamics has changed the way we think about the application of robots. Honda also has many plans for further development of its humanoid Asimo to make it more intelligent.

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  1. This is fascinating! I am very curious to see what will happen in the coming years as technology continues to evolve and advance.

  2. There have been so many amazing innovations in technology, particularly communication in the last few years. Aside from the ones you mentioned, wearables are also becoming something to keep an eye on.

  3. I am eagerly waiting for a fully automated legalized driverless too. This would be the biggest innovation mainly because how driverless car will operate in the congested area or in heavy traffic is something to watch out.

  4. Machine Learning, Robotics, AR, VR, AI, bitcoins, blockchains, so many disruptive technology shaking up the world and our senses and values as we know it. Lets hope that at least some of it falls into the hands of men like Musk and not ones like ones I wont name here 🙂

  5. We often forget how crazy the technology we have today is because we’re so used to having it around. This post really hit home as to how technologically advanced our generation is. I can’t wait to see what the world has in store for us next.

  6. Technology has changed our lives so much that we can’t imagine to live without this now. we all have become so addicted.

  7. Technology is really driving us all crazy.. Uber has already launched its driverless cars & it just scares me as well as motivates me

  8. Fifty years ago no one could even imagine these things. We are witnessing science fiction turning into science.


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