How do I change mouse sensitivity (DPI)?

If you like to play video games, then you must be knowing that response time is very important to defeat your opponent. Apart from your giving skills, you will also need hardware support to increase your response time. One point that most of the giver is not aware of is that choosing the right type … Read more

How To Remove Yourself From A Group Text

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Mobile Applications and Data Security Issues.

Meta description: Protect your Data from mobile apps, with the use of a VPN, download apps and allow only permissions that serve the intent of the application read on and find out what we recommend.   Common mobile app data security issues include weak or poor authorization and authentications, data leakage, crypto-graphical weaknesses and session … Read more

How To Download Android M On Nexus Device

Google has launched the new Android version Android M and the version was announced at Google I/O 2015 on Thursday. The preview version for developers is now available. Here’s the steps How to download and install Android M on your Nexus device:- 1. Download and install the latest Android Studio Preview on your Windows. The … Read more