Earphones are a very necessary thing, and there are so many models of earphones available in the market so it is hard to choose the right one. Here in this article, we have compiled 10 best wireless earphones. 

Here are the best wireless earphones of 2019 :

1. Jaybird X3 Sports

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Jaybird is one of the finest company available in the market of earphones, the X series of this earphone is one of the best earphones available


This earphone comes with noise cancellation feature

They are small in size but have great sound

They have an impressive battery life, you can use them for a long time once you fully charged them.

They have great noise isolation feature

They come in a very compact design.

Jaybird x3 is one of the best earphones if you want to listen to music while running and dancing.


 The only problem with these earphones is that they aren’t comfortable at a satisfactory level.

2. Bose Sound Sports Wireless 

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These earphones are the best wireless Earphones the best quality of this earphone is its noise cancellation feature. These earphones are for those people who love to work out while listening to music. These earphones have a high cost but the company pays it off with the quality of the earphone they provide.


They are one of the finest designs.

They are very comfortable, you can use them for a long time without any pain or irritation.

They have good battery life.

They get off by themselves if not in use.

They provide a quality sound effect.


The only problem with this earphone is that ear tips protrude from the ear and they look weird.

3. Sound Peats Bluetooth earphones 

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This earphone is from a new company in the market, they aim to providing quality audio at a lower price point. These earphones are very small in size and they come in the packing of a very small compact box and the best thing about them is that they are lightweight design and comfort makes easy to use.


They have impressive sound quality

They come in very attractive packing

They have a decent battery life, they can provide at most 3 hours of battery life.


One thing that is problematic about this earphone is that due to the small size they get lost easily.

4. Anker Sound Buds NB10 

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This is for the first time Anker has released his earphones. The earphones are very comfortable and easy to use and they have a very impressive noise cancellation feature, the fit creates a seal around your ears, which completely covers your ears and reduce the outside noise.


They have a great sound

They are priced according to the specification

They are very comfortable to wear

They have a good amount of content in the box.

They have a very nice noise cancellation

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5. LG Tone Pro

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In the list of 10 best wireless earphone is this earphone is from LG, they have a neckband design and all the controls are on the neckband and in addition to this neckband also has a vibrator for notification.


They have a very nice quality of music

They have a great battery life

They have a very comfortable design and are comfortable to wear.

The neckband vibrates for any notification


The main problem with this earphone is that the design is of neckband is somewhat out of place.

6. Sennheiser HD1 Free Bluetooth Wireless Earphones

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These earphones are best for Phone calls. They deliver crisp high audio quality and in addition to this, they look very luxurious. They have a neckband style which enhances the look of this earphones. The band is stitched up with a bold red string. All the controls are in the band of this earphone. The left side of this band have volume control and the right side of this band controls the playing track.


Dynamic drivers deliver a frequency between the ranges of “15Hz-22KHz”

This earphone offers a high-quality Booming bass.

These earphones have excellent battery life they can stand up to Six hours

The earphones are mainly design taking calling into consideration, this offers high intelligibility this makes every word you speak clearly.

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7. ISOtunes Pro Earplug Headphones

You can get these earphones from Amazon, Walmart and these earphones are known for their hearing protection, you can use them for a long time without taking irritation into consideration. These earphones have 27 DB noise cancelation which reduces the effect of persistent. Again these earphones are the best wireless earphone


With these earphones, you can even answer this phone calls believing the noise cancellation.

The buds of this earphones are made from custom-fit material which takes the shape of your ears

They have IPX4 sweat and water-resistant.

Compatible with Bluetooth-enabled devices

It delivers an excellent battery life of 10 hours continues playback.

Excellent and attractive design

8. Bose Sound Sport 

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These earphones are best when you want to play while listening to songs. They give out the superior sound and in addition to this they are good quality earphones, they are so soft that they will give you a high-end experience. Coming on to design the earbuds are very small and have a very lightweight. The main problem with these earphones is the control buttons are very small which makes the control very tough.


High-quality bass

Solid battery life

Comfortable fit


They are very expansive

Small power button can be hard to find

9. Sony wireless 

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These earphones are very stylish and are cheap to purchase. These earphones have one of the best battery endurance, they can withstand the use up to 18.5 hours at a moderate volume. These earphones are very comfortable to wear and can be used for a long without any problem. This device is very comfortable, lightweight and has an amazing sound. From few months agog we have review sony mh-750 which is loved by the audience and go goood response of it’s review.


They give out an awesome and clear sound

They have a great battery life

They have NFC connectivity

They have a nice seal


These earphones don’t suit in the case they are in.

10. Plantronics Back

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They are sweet looking earphones and have an average sound quality. They have a balanced sound, they have a sweat-proof design and are very comfortable to wear. They are light in weight and have a very attractive look.


They are comfortable to use.

Have a nice structure

They deliver decent sound


The main problem with this earphone is they deliver an average battery life.

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