5 Best Gaming Mouse Under 1000 Rs – 2019

Computer games nowadays are loaded with action, and there are different categories or genres of games. Controllers for the X-Box or Playstation offers great control and accessibility, but for the PC Gamers, it might not be the scene. PC gamers can have a hard time if they aren’t equipped with the right accessories. That is why we are going to talk about the best gaming mouse under 1000 rs.

If you are a PC gamer you definitely know the importance of mouse and without a mouse, you won’t be able to control your game. The stock mouse won’t give you good performance and satisfaction and the reason is DPI( Dots per inch ) and lack of polling rate. The stock mouse has measurement and some position report problems.

But now you can get a better measurement and good position reporting gaming mouse at a stable price. If you are looking for best gaming mouse under 1000 RS, this article is for you. Here are 5 best gaming mouse under 1000 rs and are also easily available.

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Here are the best gaming mouse under 1000 rs:-


Dragonwar ELE-G9 Thor 


Dragonwar ELE-G9 Thor is one of the best mouse in-budget. It has a very attractive design, it performs with 3200 DPI and the nine programmable buttons. I’ve been using this mouse for a week to play games and for my personal work too and it works as great as any other mouse. It has a very satisfying gaming sensor, macro functions, metal structure, and the best thing is its rubber material for better grip. If you want to buy the best wireless mouse in this budget this will be the coolest and stylish one.

Cosmic Byte CB-M-04 Pulsar 

Another best wireless mouse in this budget is Cosmic Byte CB-M-04 Pulsar. It has a very satisfying and stylish look and this mouse contains up to 3000 DPi with 6 buttons. Its 7 led lights will give you more dashing look in darkness and you will feel like a pro gamer. This mouse has a great design and you are going to get the best surface without any problem.

VIIVA USB Wired Gaming Mouse 

VIIVA USB Wired Gaming Mouse is also a good gaming mouse in this price. It comes in 4 different styles and is very comfortable to use. This gaming mouse contains 7 buttons. It comes in 4 different DPI settings: 800 / 1200 / 1600 / 2000 dpi( especially for black).

Taslar 5500 DPI 

TaslarĀ® 5500 DPI is also a very beautiful gaming mouse under 1000 Rs. This gaming mouse comes with a very high rate of measurement with 5500 DPI . It has 7 led breathtaking led light style. It also offers a nice grip.

Cosmic Byte CB-M-06 Neutron 

Cosmic Byte CB-M-06 Neutron, this is also one of the best-underpriced mouse. This gaming mouse look-alike VIIVA USB wired. This gaming mouse comes with 3200 DPI in black color with a highly comfortable grip. Overall, it is an awesome gaming mouse for game lovers.

End of all this was the Best Wireless Mouse Under 1000 Rs in the Indian market. I hope you guys will like this gaming mouse. Do not forget to share your experience with us.

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