Best Fitness Trackers In India 2019

In this modern fit world of fitness freaks where almost everyone is pushing themselves to get a healthy and fit body for living a long and happy life and fitness tracker are one of the most coveted gadgets in millions of households. Fitness enthusiasts from all over the world have happily embraced with the best fitness trackers on their wrist to monitor and track their daily physical activities like steps taken, distance covered by foot, calories burnt through the exercise routines they follow. Here are the Best Fitness Bands In India.

List Of 5 Best Fitness Trackers In India

1. Mi Band – HRX Edition

The latest version of Mi Band HRX comes with 0.42’’ OLED glossy black display and a touch panel, to give you clear information on your fitness activities. A simple tool to count steps, calories burnt, body temperature, distance covered and many more useful data. The UV coated display provides resistance for dust, sweat, oil, scratches, and fingerprints.

This fitness band carries your identity with it, which means when you are wearing this band it can automatically unlock your smartphone without any passcode or fingerprint. Moreover, you can sync some features of your smartphone like notification alerts from UBER and WhatsApp, emails, messages and call to your wristband to get on without missing them when your hands are busy to pick the phone.

The strap of this model seems to be soft and pleasant to the skin; thereby reducing discomfort to the wearer. The weight of this model is 9.07 g.

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2. Fitbit Charge 2 Wireless Activity Tracker

Fitbit Activity Tracker allows you to track your activities like steps, distance covered, heart rate, stairs climbed, calories burned during a workout, and other movements.

It also measures your sleeping pattern with this tracker and makes necessary changes to have the required hours of sleep to improve your overall health. It wakes you up in the morning with an alarm after you get certain hours of sleep.

The large OLED screen displays call, notifications, text messages and other useful information to enable you to track your fitness regimen throughout the day.
With black and silver colour it looks classy; also, you can change bands to customize its style. Its weight is 36.3 g.

3. Mi Band 2

Mi Band 2 comes with an OLED-display and a touch panel to track and monitor your activities. Military gravity sensors in Mi Band 2 helps in detecting movement, sleeping patterns, calories burned, and real-time monitoring of heart rate, etc.

With precise injection molding and a UV coating, this fitness tracker provides resistant to dust, oil, cosmetics, sweat, and scratching. Its energy-saving battery will let you carry on your running and jogging uninterrupted for about 20 days.

With a heart rate sensor and built-in motion, you can track heart rate accurately and plan an exercise regimen to improve your heart muscles. The weight of this black colored fitness tracker is 68g.

4. Honour Band 3 Activity Tracker

Honor Band 3 is a fashionable band to track and monitor your steps, runs, sleeping habits, and heart rate. Pairing it with your smartphone you can have useful information like your daily workout, calories burned, distance covered by running or walking, etc.

This activity tracker features caller ID, call rejection, notification vibrations for Facebook, Twitter, calendar alerts, emails, messages, and more. The band weighs 18.1 g.

5. Fastrack Reflex Smartwatch Band

best fitness tracker

It comes with the rectangular-shaped case, black color dial, and OLED display, Fastrack Reflex Smartwatch Band look cool and trendy. Count steps and track distance covered using this band. It also monitors calorie-reduced and sleeping hours and suggests to improve fitness.

Other features include call and SMS alerts, alarm, time display, 10 days power reserve, target achieved in a graphical format. This smartwatch band weighs 159 Grams and compatible with both Android and iPhone iOS.

Here are the best searches for best fitness tracker in India. Check out this list it will help you buy the better band according to your preference and choice. Any queries we are free to help you in any possible way.

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