Best Ethernet Cable For Gaming To Buy [2021]

What is an Ethernet cable?

An Ethernet cable is a network cable that can be used as a cable connection in a LAN. You can connect the Ethernet cable to the game console and the PC. The other end of the cable connects to the Internet router on your LAN. Internet speeds change the quality and length of the Ethernet cable (too long), and old cables can reduce the quality of your Internet connection and lose many packets. There are many types of Ethernet cables that are optimized to perform various tasks. An Ethernet cable not only slows down your game but is also a few tips to improve your game’s FPS.

Types of Ethernet cables

As the internet advances in the world, Ethernet cables have also been affected by higher transmission rates. Therefore, manufacturers divide Ethernet cables into categories, and as of today, there are eight types of LAN cables.

  1. Cat 3
  2. Cat 5
  3. Cat 5e
  4. Cat 6
  5. Cat 6a
  6. Cat 7
  7. Cat 8
  8. Cat 3

The Ethernet category, also known as Cat3, is the oldest form in use today. It is an unprotected twisted pair (UTP) cable capable of carrying 10 data or voice transmissions. The bandwidth is up to 16 MHz and can transfer data at 10 Mbps.

Cat 5

Cat 5 (Cat5) Ethernet cable is the successor to Category 3. Like the previous Cat3, Cat5 is a UTP cable that can transfer data at higher transfer rates. Cat5 type speed ranges from 10 Mbps to 100 Mbps.

Cat 5e

Cat 5e (Cat5e) is an improved version of Cat5. This version is optimized to reduce crosstalk or the transmission of harmful signals between data channels. Cat5e is suitable for 10 / 100Mbps and 1000Mbps (Gigabit) Ethernet and has become the most commonly used category for general use.

Cat5e has completely replaced the old Cat5 in the new installation. Cat5e is compatible with Cat5 cables and can be used in modern network installations.

Cat 6

One of the main differences between the new Category 5e and the new Category 6 (Cat6) is the drivetrain’s performance. The Cat5e format can handle Gigabit Ethernet speeds, while the certified Category 6 format can handle Gigabit Ethernet with bandwidths up to 250 MHz.

Cat6 wire has many improvements, including insulation and thinner cables. These enhancements provide a higher signal-to-noise ratio and pass even the most severe electromagnetic interference.

Cat6 a

Cat 6a is an improved version of the basic Cat6 cable. Much has changed since the new Cat6a allows speeds of 10,000 Mbit / s. So you can get more efficient performance at bandwidths up to 500 MHz. Category 6a, usually offered in STP format, requires special connectors to connect cables to the router.

Cat 7

Cat 7 (Cat7) cable, also known as Category F, is a fully shielded cable. The hardware supports speeds of up to 10 Gigabit / s (10,000 Mbps) and bandwidths of up to 600 MHz. Cat7 cables are made of a shielded twisted pair (SSTP). The insulation and shield layers are much larger than Cat6 cables. Because of this shield, it is thicker, heavier, and more difficult to bend.

Ethernet cable suitable for gaming

Since it became available to consumers in 2000, there’s no denying that Wi-Fi has improved dramatically. Once the method used to check emails gradually became the main method of accessing emails. Many people use the Internet for games.

Wi-Fi is strong and durable sufficient to guarantee a stable gaming experience, but it only introduces many variables into a simple equation. The Wi-Fi signal comes out of the router’s antenna, leaving a potential error zone transmitted to the PC, laptop, or console receiver. If your router crashes with your Wi-Fi system or your device’s Wi-Fi chip, you may have connectivity and ping issues, which can directly affect your gaming performance. Even if the wall is thick, the connected Ethernet cable will slow down.

The Ethernet cable eliminates all signal transmission and ensures the fastest and best connection quality, but cannot be blocked by obstacles. If you need advanced cable management skills to remove cables from a router in the room, you will know the results.

Since there are around 4-5 common types of cables of varying lengths, choosing the best Ethernet cable for your needs can sometimes be more difficult than you might think. Before pulling the trigger, take a serious measurement between the router and the gaming device, and make sure the cable is neither too long nor too short.

This is an Ethernet cable suitable for gaming.

Vandesail Cat7 Ethernet Cable


  • Fast 10 Gbps with 600 MHz bandwidth.
  • Support all devices
  • Ultra-soft flat ribbon cable
  • calm
  • Improved durability

Most Ethernet cables are durable. With each generation of cats, the secret to success has improved, and the lifespan and maximum speed of these cables have improved. Cat 7 cables lag behind the latest cable technology available, but they are good enough for gaming or home/office use.

Vandesail Cat7 Ethernet cables are shielded and have increased durability. The flat cable design allows users to creatively perform cable management and configure it on the mat. This cable supports upload and download speeds of 10 Gigabit / s (Gb / s) and a transfer rate of 600 MHz. Tight cable ends currently meet industry standards, and cables are not accidentally pulled.

You can choose cable lengths ranging from 3 feet to 82 feet. In other words, there is a version for each type of installation. If you are sitting near your modem, a 6.5-foot cable will suffice, but you will need to measure any obstructions that may add to the length you need.

AmazonBasics RJ45 Cat6 Ethernet Cable


  • Cat-6 Ethernet patch cord for minimal wired home and office gaming networks
  • The RJ45 connector provides universal connection; 250 MHz bandwidth
  • Data speeds up to 1000 Mbps (or 1 gigabit / s)

The majority of gamers still do not have internet access, which requires Category 6 or better cables. The technology achieves these speeds and frequencies but is not yet commercially available worldwide. In many parts of the world, the difference in performance from such a speed is hardly noticeable. Up to 15 years of installation life is guaranteed when using better quality cables than Category 6 cables, but saving a few dollars now is also worth it.

If you’re looking for a high-quality cable to get the most out of your home network, you don’t need to look for anything other than AmazonBasics’ RJ45 Cat6 Ethernet cable. Cat 6 cables support up to 10 Gbps at pure throughput, capable of handling frequencies up to 250 MHz on average. The main difference between Category 6 and Category 7 cables is their frequency and structure. Cat 7 cables tend to have a slightly longer lifespan, but Cat6 cables will also last at least ten years unless you regularly use military protective boots to get them through.

AmazonBasics RJ45 includes several customization options, and users can choose from options ranging from 3 to 50 feet in length. It can be purchased in bulk.

Glanics Cat8 Ethernet Cable


  • Transmission speed up to 40 Gbps / s
  • Bandwidth 2GHz / 2000MHz
  • Backward compatibility
  • Ideal for streaming game servers
  • High-Speed ​​Copper Circular Cable
  • Overall weather resistance

If the sky is your limit, Cat8 cables should be installed in the coming decades. It is currently difficult to achieve the speed and frequency that these cables can provide in any type of home environment. We can’t expect to get the full benefit of the Cat 8 cable specifications, and it’s also a good idea to purchase a cable that will someday provide your grandchildren and grandchildren.

Cat8 Ethernet cables can support frequencies up to 2000 MHz and provide speeds of 35/40 Gb / s. That said, if you can match the top speed offered by Cat 8 cables, you can download 40GB of CallofDuty patch in 8 seconds. There are 15 different lengths of Glanics Cat8 Ethernet cables. You can start with the 1-foot long option and get a 100-foot long wire. This is equivalent to three buses parking each other.

As with the previous cables on the list, there are color options; each cable can be more expensive by choosing two packages.

Cable problem Combined 5-color Cat6 Ethernet cable


  • Best For Multiple Connections
  • Colored Rounded Cables
  • Bandwidth of 10,000Mbps
  • Frequency of 550MHz

In general, almost all Category 6 cables perform the same, if not fake. If you find any deals that look good but are difficult to implement, I recommend checking out the comments section. If the performance is the same, separating these cables from each other leaves different colors as an important factor, which will be difficult.

Compared to the other Cat6 cables on the list, CableMatters cable solutions are available in 5 colors. You can choose between red, green, blue, black, and white. They have all the basic characteristics of Cat6 cables. They are durable enough for over ten years and support speeds of up to 10Gb / s.

There are six length options up to 1 foot of cable and 14 feet of cable. We also offer Cat 6 cables with Cable Matters packaging. This means if you order five packs, you can use one of each color. Note Colored wires are especially useful if multiple devices are connected to the router by cables. It helps you determine which color of cable is used by which device without having to determine the end of the cable to the origin.

CableGeeker Flat Cat6 Ethernet Cable


  • 10 Gbps 600 MHz high-speed bandwidth
  • Support all devices
  • Flat and thin cable, very soft
  • Shield interference
  • Improved durability

The other cables on our list are ahead of the competition, but even if you shop together, sometimes each cable’s price isn’t low enough. CableGeeker currently uses their own best wholesale flat cable design, so the cables are laid smoothly under the carpet.

CableGeeker offers many options. You can choose from 3 to 10 package options. For CableGeeker’s Cat6 products, cables are 1.5 to 150 feet in length, and each cable has the basic characteristics of a basic Cat6 Ethernet cable. At speeds up to 250 MHz, anyone can increase the speed to 10 GB / s. Most packaging comes in different colors, and you can choose blue, yellow, red, white, or black.

A 5 color pack is available but can only contain one color listed.

Jadaol Cat6 50ft Ethernet Cable


  • Includes 15 cable ties for easy installation
  • Graphic design flexibly responds to home/office wiring
  • Made of 100% material
  • 100% Lifetime Confidence Guarantee

If you need cabling to connect your entire home, you can complete these six Ethernet cabling tasks. Not only does it represent the fastest connection speeds you can find anywhere, but its flat design is simple and can be adapted to almost any space.

This comfortable Ethernet jumper stabilizes the quality of the white gaming Ethernet cable. Gold-plated RJ45 connectors provide excellent points of contact with equipment on both sides. The 100% bare copper that makes up the cable itself minimizes interference and noise in all conditions.

Cable Problems 1600ft, 215ft Cat6 Bar Breathing Ethernet Cable


  • Five accessories can be attached at the same time
  • The gorgeous design keeps you in touch
  • 50-micron gold-plated connection to improve signal integrity
  • Interior design using copper instead of copper and aluminum

Are you a serious gamer with multiple devices? If you connect all your consoles and PCs to a hub, CableMatters has a solution. They provided a pack of colorful Cat6 cables, which could provide a fast connection to all devices at the same time. This sweater is also very versatile.

The anti-curve design allows you to configure a variety of configurations without worrying about damaging cables and peripherals. In addition, molded variant models are generally more durable than night flight models. It also uses RJ45 connectors to ensure compatibility with almost any device imaginable.


1. Speed

Compared to wireless connection, Ethernet connection is much faster. With Ethernet, you can easily reach speeds of 10 Gbps, especially if you are using the latest twisted pair cables. Some reach 100 Gbps. The reason is that there is an individual relationship between them. A wider range is made up of fiber optic cables. These cables use light instead of the standard method of transmitting information.

 2. Security

Unlike Wifi, which is vulnerable to attacks, the Ethernet connection offers a high level of security. With an Ethernet connection, you can always control who is using your network. If you are using Ethernet, hackers cannot easily get your information. So you can use it to avoid security holes.

3. Reliability

The Ethernet connection has the highest reliability. This is because the radio frequencies are not interrupted. Thus, Ethernet truncation and slowdown are ultimately reduced. It also doesn’t lack bandwidth as it doesn’t share the bandwidth between connected devices.


1. Liquidity

When it comes to mobility, Ethernet has more physical limitations. Unlike a WiFi connection, you cannot roam freely if you connect via Ethernet. The device must be placed in a specific location. Therefore, this type of connection is only useful for devices such as desktop computers. If you are using a mobile device, an Ethernet connection is not an ideal choice.

2. Scalability

Ethernet takes a long time and incurs additional costs to expand the network. This is because more routers, switches, and most importantly, meter wires are needed. You also need to reconnect all devices.


Does Ethernet Cable Affect Internet Speed?

Maximize Ethernet Speed Of course, the speed of the network is independent and independent of the speed of your Internet connection. So the internet speed is slow in most cases compared to the network speed so replacing the Ethernet cable will not affect your website loading speed.

What is the specification of the Ethernet cable?

Category 5 (Category 5) cables are twisted pair cables used in computer networks. The most used variant since 2001 is Category 5e (Cat 5e). The cable specification provides performance up to 100 MHz and is suitable for most twisted pair Ethernet networks up to 1000BASE-T (Gigabit Ethernet).

Does Ethernet slow down the speed of WiFi?

Simply put, it won’t slow down the WiFi speed of your Ethernet router in less severe situations. This difficult situation is that you have 4 or 5 or more devices, and all of them are slowing down the whole internet to download or stream high resolution videos at the same time not a word.


The purpose of this is to build and test different types of RJ-45 (straight cross-wound) cables which have been shown to be effective. Ethernet cable A common network cable used in wired networks. Ethernet cables are connected to PCs, routers and switches on the local network.

These physical cables are limited by their length and durability. This limitation is one of the reasons that there are so many types of Ethernet cables that are optimized to perform specific tasks in certain situations. The most common form of network cable is called UTP, which stands for “unshielded twisted pair”.

This format is used as the Ethernet standard. In a twisted pair configuration, 8 wires of the cable are divided into 4 pairs. The two wires in pairs are intertwined. This process can protect the 2 wires from interference.

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