Best Calendar Apps For Android

Best Calendar Apps For Android
Finding the right application to manage your various calendars and agendas can sometimes turn into an obstacle course. Most of us need flexible applications that can adapt to our schedule, not the other way around. The app needs to provide practical functions and be intuitive, which is not an easy pairing to find. Here’s our selection of the five best calendar applications on Android.
How You Should Make Selection
The apps listed here are the result of thorough testing and comparison. While we evaluated many calendar apps in the process of making this list, these are the five that impressed us the most.
The applications were tested on a Moto G4, which has a very similar interface to stock Android, but to the best of my knowledge, all of the apps found here work with any UI.
Which One Is best
aCalendar: simple and effective
aCalendar is a popular German app. It has won users’ hearts with its simplicity.

Design / appearence / intuitiveness
The first thing you’re presented with when you launch the application is a short tutorial. You are redirected to the developer’s website, where you can learn the app’s basic functions. It is extremly simple: a horizontal swipe lets you switch from one overview (month, week, day) to another, while a vertical swipe lets you scroll through days, weeks or months.
This application will fetch any information already stored in your google account. if you have any events scheduled, it will find and display them automatically.
You can even add birthdays and associate them with a specific contact, or manually create a more general event.

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