Best Battery Saver For Android : Avast Battery Saver

The Avast Battery Saver is a unique and good application for your phone. All competitors follow the same old pattern and design like “Touch to optimize”. This application is different from other battery saver apps. It intelligently monitors energy usage and adjust settings, background and more. It kills background apps which are not in use to save power and increase your phone’s battery life.

Avast Battery Saver helps extend battery life without affecting the calling quality, screen brightness, internet connectivity, performance and applications. Download Avast Battery Saver from Google Play Store.

Avast Battery Saver


  • Quick Start : Very light on system.
  • No ads will show in application it is completely free.
  • Easy to use.
  • Accurate representation of estimated battery life.
  • Automatic profile switching battery based on the WiFi network or GPS location.


  • You need to turn on GPS to save battery life.
  • Only 4 battery Customizable profiles.
  • No healthy current charging system
  • Lack of home screen widgets to change profiles on the fly.

Avast Battery Saver Features:-

  • Smart Profiles will activated automatically based on time, location and battery percentage.
  • The app can disable Wi-Fi when there is unknown hotspot nearby.
  • Emergency mode is activated when your battery percentage is very low.
  • Lots of energy saving when you really need for e.g (Data connections, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or GPS).

So unlike all the other battery saver apps which instead use your battery and decreases performance, this is something new Avast has to offer. Also this application is free of cost and won’t even show those irritating advertisements. So no more lagging and decreased performance on the name of battery saving but only complete satisfaction and performance. After success in the Anti-Virus for PC’s this step into the mobile world is a great move by Avast. Let’s hope their charm also lights up the mobile world.

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