Best Apps For Your Apple Watch. Must try

Best Apps For Your Apple Watch. Must try

We all buy digital products like mobile, tablets, etc. They are cool and help us a lot in our day to day lives. But after buying them what we all look at are the useful apps for them. Apps or the applications help us do various tasks easily and make our life easier. And these apps are one of the most important aspect for which we buy any gadget.

Apple is one of the most known and reputed company in the tech world. After iPhones, iPads, etc. it has now come with the smartwatch and people are buying this cool gadget. But many people don’t know which are the best apps for their Apple smartwatch. And without using the best apps, the watch will not reach its true value, the price you paid for it, the purpose for which you bought it. So, we will inform you about the best Apple Watch apps for your smartwatch.


  • Google Maps is one of the most important app for your use. It helps you get directional info regarding any place you want to visit.
  • Facebook Messenger is another cool app for smartwatches. No need to open your phones for messages in facebook. Just a click or two, or dictate your reply.
  • Philips Hue is an app which helps you control the lights of your entire house.
  • Strava is a fitness app which is best for runners and cyclists.
  • Peak is a good app which helps you keep your mind active by offering you three games to play.
  • It’s hard to remember all your passwords. 1Password is an app that helps you by providing a single password that guards all other password securely.
  • ITRANSLATE is another useful app which can translate 90 languages. It’s free but for full access to the features you will have to pay $4.99.
  • App In The Air gives up-to-date information on upcoming flights.
  • BBC News helps you in taking glances at the news headlines and tapping on one will let you have a look at more information.
  • Runtastic Six Pack Abs is an app that provides high-quality videos of crunches, sit-ups, etc. to helps you get six pack abs without going to the gym.
  • Evernote helps you organize your life better by letting you set reminders and helps you check off tasks easily.
  • PCalc has a smart interface and lets you perform calculation in your smartwatch itself. No need for calculators or phones.
  • Night Sky 4 helps you navigate the sky and predicts about the night’s constellations. A cool app for stargazers.

These are some of the best Apple Watch apps for your smartwatch. We hope you will benefit a lot by using these apps.

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  1. Hey, nice to know. I don’t plan on getting an apple watch anytime soon, but that may change so am bookmarking for future reference.

  2. It is interesting I must admit, although I do not find Apple Watch to be a must for me. I prefer the standard old school watch and use my smartphone for everything else. But then again, if someone will ask for advice one day, I know where to point them.


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