Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Tips & Tricks



Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the amazing smartphone and its full of rich features and you want to know about tips and tricks of this device.


To take a screenshot what you can do is press your volume key + home key and screenshot was saved in gallery.

2.Custom Icon

When you pull the S Pen from the note 5, it will give you air command and actually you can add custom shot goods here or custom applications you can add up-to 2 applications i used to like camera a lot drag application which you like or used a lot in a day and you see your icon of the apps was added you can open directly from there.

3.Home Screen Customization

If you pinch the screen it brings up the customization menu from here you got four options you can change the wallpapers and you can widgets or you can change the theme of your phone as well as your phone gird tap on the screen gird it can allow you do is you can have 4×4 screen so we have four icons vertically and four icons horizontally and there are also 5×4 and 5×5 and you can also the change the whole theme by click on themes and there you can download themes most of them are free and couples are paid. if you download theme tap on apply and the theme was set.

4.One-Handed Mode

To enable this feature Go To Settings > Open Display Section > Tap on One- Handed Operation here you see two options, enable both ,go back to home screen and triple press home screen which will reduce the size of the screen and now you can control your device with one hand if you tap left justified it go left and if you click right justified if go right. When you want to come back in normal mode tap over the normal mode and if you want to type message in this mode by one hand open keyboard and tap left justified to go left and tap right justified to go right.

5.Transform your Phone

Open Settings > Under Personal > Tap on Easy Mode and below on all the apps, now tap on done and go back to home screen. Open phone>  go to settings > open easy mode, tap on standard mode and click on done. Go back to home screen, it will  take couple of seconds and you’re note 5 is transformed.

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