TH7 War Base Layouts (20+ Anti-Everything Bases)

COC TH7 War Base Layouts(Including Puppet’s Playhouse) To all the fellow TH7 players, the utmost danger is demolition of the TH7 War Base with the traditional dragon attack. This by far is the most predictable and used attack in the war to gain all the 3 stars. TH7 War Base limits the potential of the defense … Read more

Best Earphones Under 500 Rs in 2020

Best Earphone Under Rs 500

Here is best earphones under 500 rs:  Are you searching for the Best Earphones Under 500 rs. So you’ve used almost all your pocket money and your earphones just went missing or broke, or maybe you don’t wanna spend more on earphones. Whatever the situation be, we’ve come with an awesome list of Earphones under 500 … Read more

TH9 War Base Layouts (20+ Anti-Everything Bases)

TH9 War Base

[g-gallery gid=”7255″]TH9 War Base Layouts(including The Dancing Penguin) Increasing trend of the Clash of Clan has created a sense of competition among the players of this game. The craze and lust for winning are what makes the game interesting. So we have collected some of the TH9 War Base layouts for helping fellow Town Hall … Read more

Star War Battlefront 2 Review

Star War Battlefront 2 Review

Star War Battlefront 2 Review, When functioning as planned, both are creatures in their separate fields: the Empire’s demise machine conveys monstrous devastation, while EA’s multiplayer epic offers tremendous measures of fun. In any case, where the Death Star had an unpleasant plan defect that eventually left it in ruins, Battlefront II brags something comparable: … Read more

5 Top iPhone X Tips and Tricks that will blow your mind!

Top iPhone X Tips   The wait is over as the best of Apple has arrived and with it Apple has introduced a bunch of cool but frustratingly new gestures if you are used to the traditional Home Button, so today to bridge the gap between the classic home button and the all-new Gestures we … Read more

Top 5 Best Camera Phone In India 2017 for You

Top 5 Best Camera Phone In India 2017

5 Best Camera Phone:  In India, smartphones nowadays are outfitted with awesome cameras yet which is the best camera telephone to purchase? We investigate Top 5 Best Camera Phone you can purchase In India in October 2017. These telephones are the best camera cell phones, which offer the best in picture quality in the market. … Read more

Top 5 Best Headphones Under 5000 Rs (2018)

Top 5 Best Headphones Under 5000, The best earphone 5000 rs check is regularly an extravagance spends for some. Therefore, sound organizations have turned out to be progressively touchy to client requests, and earphones evaluated around or under 5000 rs introduce great sound quality, effective drives, sufficient uproar and unrivalled bass reaction. Some in this rundown … Read more

Apple TV 4K Review

Apple TV 4K Review

Apple TV 4K Review,  Stroll into any neighbourhood electrical superstore and you’ll be gone up against by columns of 4K TVs overflowing with brilliant and lovely substance. These most recent TVs dependably show up fantastically noteworthy, yet take one home and your experience may not be very what you were seeking after. 4K content is … Read more