Audi Plans to Launch 3 Electric Car’s By 2020

It is No! Surprise in saying that electric CAR’s are there future of automobile’s,  from the popular Car maker Tesla announcing the Model 3, all the Giants are into making the electric CAR’s and even Self Driving autonomous Cars, So it is no Surprise if Audi claims that it will launch 3 electric Vehicle’s by 2020.

Audi CEO: “Rupert Stadler” Says that electric Vehicle’s are the future and So Audi will not be behind, and he even says to a German media that 20-25% of the market of Audi by 2025 will be of electric and autonomous Cars and thats a huge Claim.,

And as addressed earlier friends at Audi will focus a lot in autonomous Cars and Stadler Said, (quote): “This is about a robot Car that may not even need a steering wheel or pedals, so it’s ideal for urban traffic“, and We may even expect it in the ‘Audi A3‘, when mentioned this to Stadler,  he commented (quote): “I think We would barely lose any customers. And we would rather invest the money that is freed up in new models and other derivatives.”

When questioned about the fuel cars Stadler said, it is a question of technology, in which Audi is quite Good at and We have even seen real-life examples like
h-tron” already and if talking about the CEO It is more likely that how efficiently We implement the Technology itself., And We can’t wait to see how the future of Audi automotives will look like, but we are quite sure that there is a Terrific vehicle like the R8 e-tron up on the heels..!

So, are you excited about the future of automobile’s where it is heading towards or you are concerned about the problems it may bring with.., Let us know your thoughts in the Comments Section below..!

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