Android 7.0 Nougat AR(Augmented Reality) Feature

Google is famous in doing different things aka (experimenting) which we see in the Android Easter Egg as well, and Normally If you open the Settings<aboutphone <Android version<And tap several times on the Android version you will be able to play an Easter Egg Game (flappy bird type game) but as now AR (Augmented Reality) is the future and Google wants to start it from the basics.., So if in Android N (Nougat 7.0) developer preview if you go to Settings <about phone <Android version <Tap several times on “N” logo then it would bring up a
“No! Entry sign and a cat emoji”. And So confused..? We were in the beginning too, but here is where the actual magic begins..!

As once you are in the same screen you just need pull down the quick settings menu and Tap on the edit option and you will find a weird extra “Android Easter Egg” (like Augmented Reality) option available now Tap and hold on it,and pull it and place it in the actual Notification center and let the fun begin..!As,,
When you Now Exit out of theĀ edit screen, the quick settings turns into an empty dish and then Tap on it, and you’ll be Greeted with some option’s to select from 4 different cat food treats,
Namely: Bits, Fish, Chicken and Treat. And once Tap on any one of them!.. according to our friends at “Droid Life” you will be playing a AR (Augmented Reality) Cat Game in which u need to feed the cat with the desired food and once you lure the Cat and catch it, you will get a Notification that you have caught a New Cat..!
And then you will be Greeted with an Easter Egg UI and with a list of all the Cat’s that you have caught till date..!

But still We haven’t caught any cats yet, but probably your mileage may vary..!

And you might be wondering why
No! Entry, Sign when you Normally tap on the Android ‘N’ symbol (especially in a developer preview). We believe that It shows us the creative idea that GOOGLE has been implementing since years ..!

And finally,, We have no Guarantee as and when will the new Android Game (Augmented Reality) will change in the actual stable version which will come in the next Nexus..!

Until then let us know your thoughts on the new Augmented Reality game that Google is pushing ahead and how many cats did you catch in the comments section below..!

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