9 Common Blunders That Cause An Animated Video To Become A Failure

Discussed below are the common nine mistakes that become the biggest cause of the animated video to die a catastrophic death.

Mistake # 1: Not Planning the Video Properly

The most common mistake that beginner video animation maker usually make is that they start creating the video without planning it properly. All the necessary steps had to be taken in order to plot the video suitably. The drawings of the video have to be created in the beginning to ensure that the scripting is adequate and the video will be created following the right track.

Mistake # 2: Making the Video Too Long or Too Short

Duration of the video plays a vital role in making it a success or a flop as the interest of the audience or viewers depends on the timing of the animated videos for most of the part. If the length of the video will be too short, then it means either the animator had skipped some details, or they have delivered all the information so swiftly that it was nearly impossible for the audience to grasp it. Similarly, if the duration of the video will be too long, then it merely means that the animator has dragged the scene and since the activities and scenes were too slow, the audience loses their interest in the video.

Mistake # 3: Terrible Audio Editing

Including the sound effects that are not too loud or disturbing in any other way would be highly inappropriate, as it will going to disrupt the voice cover of the video. Abysmal work of the audio editing is highly effective in the explainer videos especially, since it is intended to deliver information to the audience with the lousy selection of audio or music it gets difficult for the audience to catch the details with the proper voice to hear.

Mistake # 4: Selecting the Inappropriate Animation Video Maker Tool or Software

The scripting and the plot evidently plays a significant role but selecting the right software or animation video maker tool is also a very critical aspect that is needed to be kept under the radar in order to create a perfect video animation. What most of the beginner animator do is that they select the wrong tool to create the video, which leads them to create a catastrophic video.

Mistake # 5: Creating the Animated Video in Poor Quality

The quality of the animated video is one of the main reason that people show their interest in watching the video. Let’s say that the script and direction of the video are good, but the quality they provide is terrible, no one will ever show any curiosity in the video that will cause the failure of the animated video.

Mistake # 6: Does Not Bring In the Use of Brand Colors

Creating the video for any brand, like explainer videos, it is essential to use the colors in the animations that the brand logo has. What many of the video animators do, who are new to this field, is that they use colors according to their wish and does not apply the proper colors, that is also one of the primary reason of causing the fiasco of the animated video.

Mistake # 7: Using the Template Designs to Create the Video

It is extremely not a good practice to use the template designs to create an animated video. Beginner animators sometimes follow the track of using the template designs, but it is highly recommended for all the animators to avoid using it as it will lead the animators to create an attractive video and it will cause the viewers to lose interest in the video.

Mistake # 8: Making the Video Overly Complex

Some video animators have this perception that including too many details in the video and making it complex will show that they have invested too much effort in work, but it has a reversed effect as it will only confuse the audience and will leave so many holes to fill for them. People prefer simple things, the ones that they can study and grasp easily.

Mistake # 9: Hire a Non-Professional Voice Actor

Hiring a non-native voice actor is also one of the biggest mistakes that cause the failure of the video. It is important to appoint the person who can do the voiceover in the same accent and language in which the video has been created.

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