6 Benefits of Blogging – How To Make Money With Blog (2017)

Whenever I write a blog I wonder is it worth the hardwork and and time I spend on it, if you are a new blogger and have the same question popping on your head then not to worry my friends you are in the right track and go ahead and carry on what you are doing as you will definitely get it’s results in the near future but it’s you still feel it’s waste of time and are in a dilemma then here are the 6 benefits of Blogging that I personally face.

Benefits of Blogging

6. Good discipline

When I have other works to do or even if i’m free and feel like not to right any blog when u have a post pending my discipline reminds me to write the pending post and helps me to stay active again and again just to complete the blog, which eventually helps my in improving my wiring.

5. Helps my Target Audience

This is a bit professional one, just kidding but really if you are into writing a blog you definitely do it on a regular basis, hence when you write a blog on a daily basis once you complete a week or so and check your weekly stats you can get an idea of who your Target Audience is and who are actually reading and spending time on your blog and create the types of blog that they are into or that they may like which will eventually help you in the Long Run.

4. Source of Income

If you are serious and passionate about what you are doing then blogging can be a healthy source of income for you as, if you spend some time on your blog and post quality content regularly you can actually make money through it by posting AD’s on your blog and once you gain a good amount of traffic on your blog then you can easily make the minimum money to Pay your bills.

3. Become a Good Writer

The best way to become a better writer is to write articles day after day. That’s what an active blogger do to get more traffic on blog. You can also do content writer job if you have experience.

2. Improve SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Search engines want to deliver results that was helpful for thier audience. When you write a series of valuable articles around a topic google takes notice. Every high-quality post you publish on your blog is opportunity to get traffic from search.

1. Sell Products on Blog

You can sell products on blog by making trust on viewers, you can sell amazon, flipkart, ebooks, etc companies product to your website by affiliate marketing.

Final Words

These are 6 Benefits of Blogging and you can make money by this ways, but i’m still fell that was very less details i tell you about blogging. There are more ways to make money from blogging. I hope these tips help my audience to make money online.

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