5 Top iPhone X Tips and Tricks that will blow your mind!

Top iPhone X Tips


The wait is over as the best of Apple has arrived and with it Apple has introduced a bunch of cool but frustratingly new gestures if you are used to the traditional Home Button, so today to bridge the gap between the classic home button and the all-new Gestures we will be taking a look at the  5 Top iPhone X Tips and Tricks of the all-new iPhone X.

5 Top iPhone X Tips and Cool Tricks

Now let us check out all the Top iPhone X Tips one by one. Here you go!

 5. Recent Application
We all know how much we loved Double clicking that classic home button for enabling that recent apps screen but as the home button is gone now you no longer can do the same and one way of doing it is that you swipe from the up from the bottom and wait for a second to wait and see that home button appears but thats slow and i don’t think any one would be willing to wait for so long especially considering that you paid a 1 lakh on a phone so another trick pf doing that in a much faster way is that you can just swipe up from the bottom and then quickly swipe right while holding the bar in this way you can activate recent apps screen much quickly. So, this was one of the five Top iPhone X Tips that you can try.
 4. Face ID Authentication
Now as the Home button is gone so is the much loved fingerprint scanner or its called as Touch ID is also gone with it we have the brand new Face ID and it works in such a way that apple really wants you to use this in all the places where you would normally use Touch ID and one thing you need to do to use Face ID is that to set it for online payments just as you would do to Touch ID so to enable that just go to Settings > Face ID and Passcode > then enter you passcode and then > set up Face ID and boom you are done now you can use to log in or authenticate any app or Online payment by just looking at your phone.
3. Battery Percentage
Now while we are talking about the new iPhone X how can we ignore that Notch which sits right at your face and due to that your Network and your Battery percentage are hidden and you cannot directly look at it at the top and if you are someone who constantly loves to have a count on that battery then you are out of luck until now, as now you can actually take a look at your network status and also the battery percentage as one trick of doing that is quite simple just pull down your control center from the top right and here you will find all your Battery percentage and also your current Network.
2. Animoji video
I know one of the best features of the all new iPhone X is its Exclusive feature Animoji and i know that we all love using them but did you all know that you can not only share those Animoji’s to iMessage but also to any social platform or app which allows you to share a video for which all you have to do is create an Animoji and the once you are done just click on that and here you will find an option to share it to iMessage then right below that you will have an option to save the Animoji as a video the just tap on it and now its done, you can share it with all your friends on Whatsapp and Facebook/Instagram and show them that you have the brand new iPhone X.  So, it was one of the 5 Top iPhone X Tips.
1. Take Screenshot
Now the traditional way of taking a Screenshot on an iPhone was to press the Power button and the home button together but now as there is no home button to take a Screenshot all you have to do is just press the volume up button and the power button together by which you can easily take a Screenshot on your brand new iPhone X.
There you have it a quick look at Top iPhone X Tips and Tricks of the Brand new Apple iPhone X, So did the above info or Tips and Tricks help you in any regard we hope it did but still in what way did it?, do Let us know your thoughts in the Comments section below and help us out with some sharing on your Favorite Social media Networks.

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