5 Proven Ways to Increase Instagram Followers.

5 Proven Ways to Increase Instagram Followers.


Instagram is such multidimensional application which provides opportunity to diversified range of users as regard to sharing of information. Such information may be in the form of pictures and videos and it is also notable to mention here that users may share these depending upon their needs and requirements.Everyone is in the race to increase instagram followers.

Since its beginning in 2010 it has tried its level best to introduce various features including website interface, windows 10 and other applications which can satisfy consumer needs at significant levels. Popularity and credibility of instagram can be judged from the fact that it has now more than 700 million users across the globe and such figure is continuously multiplying according to reports. There are various ways which can be deployed in order to increase followers of instagram and same may be mentioned under the following manner: So increase instagram followers by these ways- 


Hashtags are very good to increase instagram followers, hashtags like #photo of the day, #tbt, #followforfollow  and #insta good are mostly preferred and popular hash tags which users follow while at instagram. Such hash tags are used with the purpose of attracting others therefore careful selection in this regard is of paramount in nature. These may also be related to one’s professional life and community to which one belongs and same must be used in order to enjoy massive connectivity.


It is common among people at instagram to share photos which are mostly relevant to their personal lives. As regard to these people try their level best to present something different and memorable since millions of people will view such. In view of such it is suggested to present something related to professional life which can not only enhance social connectivity and bonding among the masses but also leave positive outlook related to personalities.

Regular Updating

Complete information as regard to personal life and regular updating in it not only enhance positive image for an individual but also realize masses that one is focused and committed to enjoy interaction based upon trust, respect and mutual acceptance at significant level. Use of immature and unethical language containing information of critical nature must be avoided since millions of users are going to develop perception about one at such forum.

Emotional Phrase

Since everyone has curiosity to enhance social network, the information shared by individuals on Instagram must also be focused.  Emotional phrases on auspicious days like mother’s day, father’s day and rituals can not only enhance one’s image prominently but also help one to enjoy a sound and well established relations among others.

Time Variation

People across the world like to use time variation in relation to Instagram and it must be taken into consideration by the user in particular. Wednesday and Thursday are considered as big days due to the presence of massive people on Instagram. During these days not only people share, post and like information but also it is recommended to share personal and professional photos depending upon time zone and interest of followers.


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  1. I don’t use Instagram that much yet, but maybe I should try to use those hashtags to get started!

  2. Instagram confuses me so much! I find it so hard to gain followers, more than any other social media. Any educational information about it helps 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  3. Hmmm I think you have a point. Great job. It would be crucial and effective, if you have a headline and a number for each tip because I think everything is jumbled, turning it into an article. Everything is good. Keep up the good work


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