5 Plugins That Help To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

If you have website and you peoples come but don’t like website because of slow loading and every one love fast speed so there are 5 WordPress plugins that help to improve your WordPress speed.

Google Webfont Optimizer

This tool helps you to boost your website if it use fonts from Google Fonts APIs. The latest websites  are mostly used Google fonts it helps the website look fancy and it take time to load website because the browser make request to Google Fonts for each and every page.
This plugin makes your website faster by combining all these requests into a single request for all fonts that are required. It is easy to use simple download and activate the plugin.

WordPress Instant Articles

WordPress Instant Articles plugin helps to improve your loading speed of  your website and the user experience by pre-loading the content. It pre-renders the last two posts on the front page, previous and next post on single post. It does DNS prefetching which helps to resolve the domain names before user clicks on a link.

Word press allows you to set high-priority files directly to the browser so that you can fetch even before they actually appear in the pages of HTML.To put substantial load on your server you can use these tricks.Usage of these tricks is very well to improve overall page loading time.

Simple Revisions Delete

This tools removes the unnecessary data created by the WordPress revisions feature. It removes the old posts revisions as well as optimizes your site database to reduce its size and improve your site.

It was simple to use and it was perfectly integrated in the WordPress backend and it uses native WordPress functions to remove safely revisions.

WP-Sweep improves your website speed by cleaning and optimizing your database. A website after running for long time it has lots of unwanted data like trashed posts, spams , comments etc.
This tools helps to get rid of these items so that your WordPress runs at full power once you run your plugins then it shows avoidable data that can be removed and then gives you option to clean them.

WP optimize by xTraffic is used to optimize your wordpress blog.one feature for optimizing links is keywords used in your posts and comments with the best focus links.you can set (nofollow) attributes and make external links to open in a new windows on your site.

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