iOS 9 – 5 Best Features


iOS 9 – The latest iOS from the Apple comes with all
new features both different and better than the previous iOS 8

1. Search

When you swipe down from the middle of the screen to access the search box its same
like iOS 8 but when you swipe left you can see the new SIRI suggestions like calling
etc and below the nearby section in this category there’s a category like food, coffee
etc. In the bottom you have the news section to get quick news.

2. Notification

In the notification section the thing changed is the new batteries section added here
you can see the battery of your iPhone or see the battery of the watch if your watch is connected with your iPhone.

3. Multitasking

The multitasking in iOS 9 is a bit changed but it is better than the previous version of iOS. All the multitasking is smooth and swirl, switching between the apps has become easier and fast. You can also play your Youtube video from the point you minimized it when you swipe back and play.

4. Proactive Assistant

It is basically learn your habits like which playlist do you listen to in music player , reminds you of any flights you have to take based on the boarding pass stored in your iPhone. It also displays the name of  person who’s calling on the basis of time of call.

5. Low Power Mode

Apple has added a new low power mode in the new iOS 9. When your battery is less than 20 percent you get a
popup notification asking you to enable power mode and the power mode make some
changes in your iPhone like change of background, reduced brightness, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off, which in case can be manually turned on according to the use.

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