5 Best Camera Apps for iPhone That Will Change the Photography Game

I know I know Apple fanboy’s might like me or hate me for writing this, but irrespective of the reasons, iam sure many will agree with what I have to say that iOS Camera app doesn’t do that justice to the photographers aswell as for what the Hardware of iPhones are capable of.,

So, today we wanna quickly Trim down the Best iOS Camera apps that will take the iPhone photography game to a Whole new level, so be sure to read till the end of the article..,
DISCLAIMER : The Apps mentioned below are irrespective of the Series and all the apps are Great in their own way..! And this is a un-sponsored article to keep things unbiased..!

1. VSEO ( Price : Free ).

VSEO is by far one of the best iPhone camera apps that is also available for free, which makes it a must try and also not only being with a easy to use UI (user interface) for navigation it also has ton of features to look at, starting from manual control for ISO to White balance to Shutter speed and many more.., and despite it being but only a Great photography app it is also a Great photo editing app and not to mention this app also has a huge Community of people with wide range of photo library that will also helps you in motivating you to take pictures,
So all and all it is one of the best apps available in the Apps Store that doesn’t break the bank and works Great, and not to mention it is free so it doesn’t hurt to try..!

 2. Pro Camera 9 ( Not free ).

Yes! There can’t be a top camera app list where ‘Pro Camera 9doesn’t get featured so why should we be left behind, jokes apart Pro Camera 9 is a great app and it includes all the features that all the other apps on this list has but along with that it also has many Live filters which will add life to your already existing great photos, and this App is not as expensive as it’s Counterparts so it’s definitely worth checking..!

 3. Manual ( Not free ).

Yes! As the name suggests ‘Manual’ is a Camera app that has a lot more to do than other apps on this list, it has plethora of modes that will help you in taking you photos to a next level, it not only has controls for ISO to Shutter speed to White balance compensation to focus control and exposure control hell it also has a built-in live Histogram for those who need Granular control on their photos but unlike the 1st app on this list this is not a free app but it is worth every penny that you pay for, (I.e., if you are into that photography).

  4. Hydra ( Not free ).
Unlike all the apps featured in this list, Hydra takes a different approach to photography I.e., it adds a great move towards the Low Light photography with a HDR mode for photos as well as for videos it is a great deal for those who deals with a lot of night situations, and that’s not it there is also a dedicated Low-Light mode a Real-time Zoom (if you need that and also) and a High Resolution mode for upscaling the pictures upto a whopping 32MP if that’s your thing and finally the UI is something that drives me nut’s as it looks the same as the default iOS Camera app and that’s a good thing so, definitely worth checking out if you want to become a Low-Light champ then it is a must for you..!
 5. Hypstamatic (Not free)

And last but not the least app on our list is ‘Hydra’ and Yes! You might have heard about it already but still it’s a great app and perhaps the oldest 3rd party iOS Camera app that is available, the reason this is so famous is due to its easy to use UI and to be honest it reminds you of some of the old school Camera’s alongside having many features it also has many filters that will help you if you are into that kinda things and is over all a Great App for photography probably that is the reason why it’s been around for quite a while now..! So definitely worth checking..!

So, there you have it all the best apps that we feel are not only better than the stock iOS Camera app but also are better than any other Camera app that are available in the App store but if you know any app that are better than what we created featured above then do let us know your thoughts in the Comments section below and also help us with some sharing on your favourite Social Medias..!

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