5 Ways To Get Traffic From Twitter

How To  Get Traffic From Twitter

Twitter is one of the largest and greatest social media website where tons of peoples tweet daily. If you are blogger than Twitter is a best source to get tons of traffic to your website. If you don’t ha have twitter account then make a new account and i will tell you 5 ways that help you to get traffic.

5 Ways To Get Traffic From Twitter:

1.Make Your Twitter Profile Interesting

First two things that visitor will see profile and username on your twitter page. Make your page design attractive and if your page is boring then no one take interest to read your tweets. Write a long bio and tell about yourself in bio also enter some keywords in bio.

2.Socialize on Twitter

When you are active on twitter then respond to the posts of your followers and visit their links, It helps you a lot they will do it same in return.

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3.Pick a nick username

Your username is also important and you need to pick username that is targeted at your niche.  If you want to promote SEO services and want to drive more traffic than you will choose username like this SEO services, SEO masters etc. Your username will show in searches  and you get more followers.

 4.Put Your Blog URL in your Profile

80% of tweeters don’t provide URL in their bio and tweets well those peoples are not internet marketers/ SEO experts. So don’t miss it include URL in bio and get more traffic.

5.Tweet Regularly

If you want to keep your audience then you need to tweet regularly write a short tweet it just takes seconds, it’s enough to make your followers happy. Tweet useful things if you don’t have any meaningful thing to post then tweet videos, blog links etc.

So, these are some steps that help you to get more traffic on website through twitter and if you have any question fell free to ask in comment ask also tell in comments that you want more this type of posts.

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