3 Shocking things Samsung didn’t tell you about the Galaxy S8

It’s been almost a week since Samsung launched the king of Smartphones aka the Galaxy S8 and all the Samsung fans and for that matter everyone were quite excited about the Smartphone well they should as Samsung did brag a lot about what Technology they have packed in the Galaxy S8 but did you know there are 3 things that Samsung didn’t Tell you, quite literally Samsung didn’t mention it in their keynote! But not to worry as we are here to disclose that as this is “3 shocking things Samsung didn’t tell you about the Samsung Galaxy S8“.
1. Samsung S7 Comes with 1080P display
I know you might be a bit surprising hearing this as for the longest time I could remember Samsung was bragging about the Infinity Display on the Galaxy S8 and we all know that it comes with a weird 2960*1440p display but what’s surprising is the the Galaxy S8 and the S8 plus both come with a 1080p out of the box not to worry you can later increase the resolution to the max I.e., 1440p if you want from the settings but what’s ironic is that despite having gorgeous display the S8 comes out of the box with a 1080p display!
2. Camera hasn’t seen a upgrade!
This shouldn’t come with much of a surprise but really the Rear Camera of the Galaxy S8 hasn’t seen a upgrade what so ever in Hardware front literally the Galaxy S8 has the same awesome 12MP f1.7 lens which was found in the Galaxy S7 which to be honest isn’t a bad thing as the Galaxy S7 had one of the best if not the best Camera on any Smartphone 2016 but still we would have loved to see Camera advancement on the Hardware front as Samsung claims that it had played a lot on the software front of the camera but upgrade in both the Hardware and software would have made it a beast!
3. Does the Galaxy S8 has Stereo speakers?

Sorry folks this one is a bit confusing considering Apple did it with their iPhone 7 and HTC did it with their HTC 10 but sadly the Galaxy S8 doesn’t feature stereo speakers, Yes! Many blogs claim that the Galaxy S8 has Stereo speakers and on the flip side some other leading blogs claim that it doesn’t and the Fact is that unfortunately but the Galaxy S8 doesn’t feature stereo speakers because we know about Samsung if Samsung would have able to fit Dual stereo speakers in the Galaxy S8 with such a slim footprint then it would have braged all over our face during the Keynote but you know what all happened! Hence it is concluded that the Galaxy S8 doesn’t feature stereo speakers what so ever! so don’t get excited by reading those blogs claiming that the Galaxy S8 having a stereo speakers!
Tere you have it a quick look at all the 3 shocking things that Samsung didn’t tell you about the Samsung Galaxy S8, so what do you think about Samsung and hiding these things from end consumer like you and me do you think this is a major deal or you think it’s favorable considering how much you love the Galaxy S8 do let us know your thoughts in the Comments section below and help us out with some sharing on your favorite Social Networks.

9 thoughts on “3 Shocking things Samsung didn’t tell you about the Galaxy S8”

  1. Any business could be succesful if they might be open and honest to consumers about good or bad. Either they rectify the troubleshoot or stop launching the product…

  2. I’m Samsung girl definitely 🙂 I know that they always hide something important from us, and usually that’s because we don’t pay attention about to many things. We just buy and go.

  3. I used to swear by Galaxy, until I found LG! Much more affordable with bigger screen and better camera. I’m not surprised that they didn’t mention these things…as long as they didn’t mislead by advertising a feature that isn’t present.
    Thanks for the truth, though, in case I thought to go back to Galxy.


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