Street Fighter 5 Review!

If you are a gamer or at least you have some knowledge about gaming then you will probably know about one of the most popular fighting games that is Street Fighter 5 and with more and more games coming this spring there can be no better time than reviewing it, so this is Street Fighter 5 in all its Glory.

Street Fighter 5 Review

  Let’s first get one thing out of equation Street Fighter 5 is an awesome game and it is a one on one local multi player game wherein you need to tackle against similar players most likely players with similar skill like you, the game has the level of perfection like never before and the developers has even added a raft of new content to just keep you engaged in the game and the best part most of the new characters for free and if you find you like the other characters then you can easily earn a couple more quite easily with the help of fighter money which you can again earn by playing the game.
So while starting the game as everyone wants and likes the story mode is right available apart from that you even find some trials and tutorials to help you out if you are playing the game for the first time.
But unfortunately one sore part about the game is it’s Story mode as it’s pretty bad and the plot of the game feels a heavily knocked at the very last minute and just as ironic it can be the game feels like an afterthought funny Story apart from that it’s just a one thought based multiplayer one on one round based game in which the every round lasts a minute
The AI or Artificial intelligence in the game is quite intelligent that it can easily tackle you down if you are not smart enough and that’s the only thing they you should care for hence all things said it is in deniable that Shadow Fighter 5 is one of the if not the best Fighting games that on can ever imagine for.
 There you have it a quick look at one of the best games I.e, Street Fighter 5, So did the above info about the game help you in any way to play a better game, do Let us know your thoughts in the Comments section below and help us out with some sharing on your Favorite Social Networks.

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